I was lucky enough to be able to take off from work for the past couple days to head to the Eldorado Hotel, Casino in Reno with some friends to do a little gambling...drinking....eating....playing poker....black jack.....drinking and playing craps....oh yeah, we also go to meet Golf Legend and self proclaimed addictive personality John Daly.

The Eldorado Casino put together a dinner and hosted bar (yee-haw) with golfer John Daly.  Usually sitting and listening to someone talk, has me thinking...B-O-R-I-N-G....But I have to say John is so open and funny in sharing everything about his life...including all the bad stuff.  If you look up addictive personality in the dictionary, his picture has to be there.  He smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day...drinks 15 cans of Diet Coke...has admitted to losing over 55 million (that's right Million) dollars gambling and being an alcoholic. (he's been sober for 6 years).  It's all in his book too....It's called "John Daly, My life from the rough"  Thank you to my friend Kieth for inviting me to this fun event....oh and in case your curious, I did win some money gambling....so it was a win, win, win weekend...and now I have some seed money for next month when Kate and I go on vacation in Vegas.