That's what you're going to get this weekend at The Huckleberry Jam! I've been zip lining all over the world and the coolest course I've ever been on is right here in Idaho at Tamarack!

Tamarack Zip Line
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Sore through the trees and then listen to today's hottest jam bands this weekend at The Huckleberry Jam!

New Zealand, Costa Rica, Colorado, Idaho....I've zip lined in a lot of different places and the course I loved the most is right here in my Idaho backyard. Tamarack has the best zip line course!  There are 6 different zip lines, there's a suspension bridge, creeks, canyons, forest and the tallest tree stand in north America! The view from the platform on the Ponderosa pine is breath taking! Tamarack's action-packed guided zip line tour takes your over 4,425 feet of stunning terrain. I've hosted a Kate University class here twice and bought my brother a tour because I feel everyone needs to experience Tamarack from the  trees! When you're done, come find me at The Huckleberry Jam. I can't wait to see the smile on your face.

If you haven't got your Huckleberry Jam tickets yet, don't wait another minute! It's tomorrow!

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