Boise's 1985 mayoral election was unlike any other. Back then Mr. Potato head himself, “a man of the soil," made history as the first vegetable and first toy to ever run for public office.

Mr. Potato Head received only four write-in votes during his run for mayor of Boise, Idaho. While it was only four votes, give some credit where it's due! It was still the "most votes for Mr. Potato Head in a political campaign" as verified by Guinness World Records.

The People Magazine archives detail Mr. Potato Head's campaign as being "full of 'down-to-earth promises' that included the weeding out of pessimism and the planting of optimism in Boise, which he affectionately called 'the land of my roots.' In an emotional plea for votes, he also mentioned making the world a better place for his newborn son, Chip."

Mr. Potato Head's run for the office mayor was made possible by some students at Boise State and also served as a publicity stunt by Hasbro toys. He even received an endorsement from Boise's Outgoing Mayor Richard Eardley as well as some inspiring advice from competing candidate Dick Kempthorne: “Go in with your eyes open, stay thick-skinned and try to stay out of hot water.”

Although he never become Mayor of Boise, Idaho, Mr. Potato Head did continue his career with an impressive resume. Beginning in 1987 he became the spokesman for the American Cancer Society's annual "Great American Smokeout" for several years after the surgeon general asked that Mr. Potato Head give up smoking his pipe. He also received an award from the President's Council on Physical Fitness on the White House lawn in 1992. What a spud!

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