This has already been one of the worst winters on record for the Treasure Valley and pretty much the entire west. But as bad as it's been and it's been bad, these photos will remind you just how beautiful it's been too.

It looks like The Old Farmers Almanac is definitely full of crap when it comes to predicting long range weather for the Treasure Valley.  Their prediction for this winter was for a little warmer weather and below normal precipitation....that was total B.S.  We've already set records for snow accumulation and temperatures have been frigid to say the least..and there is another big new storm system headed our way that could bring 6 to ten inches of new snow to the Treasure Valley and 2 feet in the mountains.  I other words we will be up to our asses in winter beauty.

But even though we are sick and tired of the snow, it sure can be beautiful.....just take a look at some of the photos share with us by friends and listeners.

If you have beautiful winter photos to share please load them into the comments section below...I would love to view them.


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