I'd tell them to chase their dreams NOW. Don't wait, go after it as hard as you can and whatever it is your passionate about, embrace it while you're young. Relationships, love, marriage, kids and all those things will happen naturally in due time, chase after YOUR dreams NOW!

I'd also tell them to make their finances a priority. Preserve your credit score; like grades, it's much easier to bring it down than to bring it back up. I'd encourage them to live in the moment and to try and exhibit patience. Life doesn't have to come completely together by the time you're 23 years old.

And lastly, don't post dumb stuff online, because potential employers look at what you post, and could you imagine if down the road you wanted to do something great and a Tweet you posted when you were 18 prevented you from getting the job/position you wanted?

Anyway, congrats to the class of 2020! Cheers to you!

What's YOUR advice for the class of 2020? Moug and Carly will talk about it tomorrow morning (Thursday 5/14) at 8:05 on Mix 106!

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