Though it could be lucrative, it's unlikely, and there are some pretty negative consequences. Boise State University warns their students and the community.

Only Fans is a service people can use essentially to do things on camera, for money. Though it doesn't have to be porn, it often quickly becomes that, and while there is some money to be made on Only Fans, it's highly unlikely that the average user will make any more than $136 per month, as it turns out. But beyond that, there are some other risks that come along with Only Fans and the fine folks at Boise State University's Health Services have shared some of them with us.

They're not trying to be the cold blanket on the good idea, but do want you to be informed.

  • They point out that only the top 10% of users on Only Fans make 73% of the profits and that there is often an investment made in sets, costumes and other expenses before any real success is had.
  • To have any success on Only Fans, you need to be able to rely on having a big social media following on your other platforms, otherwise it will be hard to build on Only Fans alone. And the type of content people put out o. Only Fans may not be the type they'd like to share with their friends and families on Facebook.
  • The other thing is... People do screenshots and video recordings of their phones so the content you put out over Only Fans can very easily be redistributed.
  • There's no guarantee of privacy on Only Fans, often times people are "outed" for having accounts
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There's more great information on BSU Health Services Instagram post below.



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