Dear Mike and Nicole,

So here's my dilemma. Years ago, I found out that my parents were married and in May 1969 had their first daughter who was put up for adoption. In 1971, my parents conceived me, but three months into her pregnancy, he left her to move back to Texas to be with his first wife and three kids, never to be heard from again.

I've struggled for many years now on what to do. Every year it becomes increasingly difficult as more time passes. Should I contact my full blood sister or look her up and try and find her and should I contact my father's family? I'm not looking to be a part of their life unless they want me in their life. But, in this day and age it's important to know medical history. Especially with cancer issues and things like that being hereditary. Now looking up my sister I don't know what to do. Did her adopted family ever tell her she was adopted? Would it ruin her life or destroy her universe to tell her that she was adopted and I'm her actual blood brother? So I'm drawn on what to do, any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys.

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