I guess this is kind of like those calendars you open on each day of December leading up to Christmas. It's the advent calendars I'm thinking of and I mess it up each year. Legos even had a good one this year.

McDonald's has its own advent gift that is also a celebration of pop culture Christmas memories. So, just imagine opening up one of these calendars from the golden arches. McDonald's is doing free double cheeseburgers today (December 14.)

I just found out about this and that's why it's going out quick. You can only take advantage of this free double cheeseburger today. This is your first of many free daily holiday deals where you get something free each day leading up to Christmas Eve.

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It's funny how you grow up on things get older and move away from those things and have gives which brings you right back. My kids love McDonald's because of those Happy Meals, shocker. So, grab your kids some Happy Meals and take home something free for yourself.

Today's Double Cheeseburger pays tribute to one of pop culture's favorite holiday movie family, the Griswolds from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies. The only catch on these freebies is to spend at least $1 via the McDonald's mobile app.

Here's what's coming up

  • December 15 - Free Big Mac called the "Abominable Snow Monster-themed deal"
  • December 18 - Free Fries "the Rudolph deal
  • December 20 - Free Hotcakes "Buddy the Elf deal
  • December 24 - Free Chocolate Chip Cookie deal for Santa

These are just to name a few and you must have the app which is free anyway. There will be something new each day.

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