The first woman in your man's life is dear ol' mom. He picked up some good traits from her and he also picked up some not so great traits. Time to share.

Best/Worst Traits He Got From Mom
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The mother/son bond is a unique one. It's a very touchy subject especially if he is a mama's boy. Not all mothers-in-law are monster-in-laws. There are probably some traits that your man picked up from mama.

Maybe his mom...
Taught him to be a good listener
Showed him that it's okay to be in touch with his feelings
Taught him patience
Taught him to apologize when necessary

On the flip side, there are some bad traits he picked up from his mom
He's difficult
He's very critical
He's a pessimist
He's selfish

We want you to share, what are the best and worst traits he got from his mom?

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