This is the stuff movies are made of. What a nightmare. An Idaho family found themselves stranded in frigid temperatures. The wife and baby survived for a week and now the father is missing. 

32-year-old Eric Rose, his wife, 29-year-old Francesca Watson, and their one-year-old baby became stuck 11 days ago in a remote area of Owyhee County between Silver City and Jordan Valley.

Their first response was to wait in the truck until someone noticed they were missing and came to their rescue. That was okay until they ran out of gas and consequently, heat.

After 4-5 days, Eric decided to take matters into his own hands and went to find help, leaving his wife and baby behind in the truck.

Luckily, the mother and baby were eventually found by a snowmobiler on February 15th. They survived and are being treated at an area hospital.

Eric is still missing. We all know how horribly cold it has been lately and the snowfall we have had. None of this is working in Eric's favor, but a search and rescue team is still looking for him on foot, with snowmobiles, and with the help of search and rescue dogs.

According to KTVB, this man was last seen in the area of Cow Creek Road and Troat Creek Road. All roads leading to Silver City are currently closed to the public and authorities are asking that you leave the search to them and don't look for this man on your own.

Please pray for this sweet family who has endured the unthinkable.

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