With all of the snow we've been getting over the last couple of weeks, it might be tempting to go out on what looks like frozen ponds or lakes, but it's soooo dangerous not just for you, but for the safety crews called out for rescues.

Yesterday, crews from Meridian, Eagle, and Star fire departments, as well as Ada County Paramedics, trained at Eagle Island State Park, for an ice rescue.

Within 60 seconds you start to lose motor control and you're ability to get yourself out of the water. You lose your strength and within 3-5 minutes you have lost almost complete control of your body.

A lot of times too, there's multiple victims that have been inside of the water so it's important for training for all possible situations.

Crews will continue to train throughout the week. Officials are urging people to not attempt a rescue if they see an animal or another person in the water. If you can't use a branch to pull the victim in, call 911 instead.

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