I went last weekend and let me tell you why now is the time to go!

Tubing at Eagle Island state park is a total blast if you haven't been before, but it's even more legit because the whole area is packed with REAL SNOW! Now, it's melted away from the roads over the last 24 hours or so but there is still plenty on the ground and they have the ultimate setup for in-town tubing fun.

My wife and I were talking about how cool it was that we could go snow tubing just 20 minutes away from home and just how lucky we are that we live in a place that we can do so. Over at Eagle Island state park, they've got the tubing, a nice ramp to get you up the hill and they keep the pace moving quick so you can have all the fun you can handle while you're there.

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Beyond the the four incredible hills you slide down, some of which you can even get a little air on your tube, they have an awesome snack shack setup. With our entry tickets, we also bought some snacks and hot chocolate so by the time we got there, we just had to show them our phone and didn't need to worry about credit cards or wallets or cash or anything so it was super simple, we had a blast and enjoyed some hot snacks. 10/10 would highly recommend you take advantage of this awesome wintery activity right here in our backyard at Eagle Island State Park.

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