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Ladies, admit it, you are curious about us guys.  We are strange creatures in who we are and the way we think.   Here is a little help with some of the better excerpts on facts on dudes from the book, "When It Comes to Guys" by author Bernice Kanner."

The Author interviewed thousand of regular guys, just like me and other men here in the Treasure Valley.  She asked about such things as ethics, vices and how much money it would take to commit a crime, if you could get away with it.  There are a whole list of great "what if" questions that really make a guy think.  The following are a few of the questions she poses in her book :when it comes to guys, what is normal"

"If a man could be known by any title what did most say they would want to be known by?  The world's sexiest man".   Hmmm, OK, I'm sold, yes I would from now on like to be referred to as Mike Kasper, world's sexiest man. Hell, even sexiest man for his age living in the 83616 area code sounds cool. At this point I'd settle for sexiest dude in my own house!

 "Men love cash so much they spend almost as much time thinking about it as they do sex. Only 35% enjoy sex more then money". (Those are the guys who pay for sex)

"60% of men would serve 6 months in jail for someone else in exchange for a million bucks".   As long as I don't have to have a boyfriend named Bubba, count me in.

"The average guy eats 23 pounds of pizza each year and 50 pounds of pork"   (Mmmm bacon)  "He thinks dropped food is okay to eat in 5 seconds or less".    Unless it’s bacon, then it doesn’t matter how long it’s been on the floor. Bacon is a super food, it is impervious to germs.

"The average guy prefers medium sized breastesess  to huge ones, and is attracted to a woman's legs more than her breasts, but given a choice he would take Super Bowl tickets over a night of sex with a gorgeous woman".   Well sure the Super Bowl is a once in a life time event. Sex with a gorgeous woman happens all the time (please tell my wife I said that).

"The average guy spends 730 hours a year thinking about sex but only 22 hours having it".    Well duh, a guy can think for hours, but actually doing it only lasts a few minutes (don’t tell my wife I said that).

"93% of men shave other areas besides their faces".   I don't shave, I pluck.  OWWWWW!  (don't tell my wife I said that either)

"13% of men have tried on a bra".    I don’t need to try one on, I already know that I can fill one out!

"91% lie regularly about the size of their man parts".   I don't have to lie, I've looked, and I am seriously, I'm not kidding.

"80% of guys say that their ladies would have a better chance at romance if they had antlers on their heads or made wild turkey sounds in bed or wore hunter orange. But then 50% of the ladies who did these things would probably have their heads wind up hanging over the fireplace".   

I'm not into hunting, so this means nothing to me. However, bring me some deer jerky or better yet, bacon, and I'm yours forever.  Because remember my personal belief is that bacon is the most sensual of all the cured and salted meats, but jerky comes in a close second.