He was carrying two knives when he charged at police. The act cost this Boise man his life. Here's how this story came to a tragic end. 

It happened yesterday morning at about 9:30 in Flagstaff, Arizona. 47-year-old Russell Henry Harold of Boise approached two officers while brandishing a knife in both hands.

They were in the area of a community mental health center, but there is no word on whether or not Russell was a patient there or what the Boise man was doing in Arizona. The officers were at the mental health center on an unrelated call.

When Harold charged at the officers, Officer Tyler Romney fired his weapon striking Harold. He was taken to a local hospital but lost his life there. Romney has been with the Flagstaff Police Department for three years. No word on whether or not Romney has been placed on administrative leave or what his status currently is.

According to KTVB, as per protocol, there is an ongoing investigation with the case and we'll let you know if any other details are released.

Of course, the loss of life is always a tragedy and I wish things like this never ever happened. Please keep those involved with this in your thoughts and prayers.

I also recognize that our officers have to respond the way they have been trained and they certainly can't risk their own lives when someone is brandishing weapons and acting irrationally. Thankfully no one else was injured or killed in the incident.

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