Twin Falls Police Department announced today that they will be offering a lucrative incentive for anyone on the fence about joining the force. According to their website, the "Twin Falls Police Department is looking for the best and brightest individuals to work within our organization. We are looking for people who have a sense of commitment and want to make a difference in their community.”

Twin Falls Police Department is showing how serious they are in their search by offering potential candidates a $2,000 sign-on bonus. The bonus is broken up into three parts: $500 after you’re hired, $500 once you move to “alone status” and $1,000 once you complete your first year of employment.

According to their website, landing the job can take up to three months and includes the following:

  • Personal evaluation profile
  • Oral interview board
  • Physical agility exam
  • Polygraph testing
  • Psychological examination
  • Full background investigation
  • Command staff interview
  • Medical exam and drug screen

You will also need to be at least 21 years of age to apply and of course, a U.S. Citizen. The site also says you’ll be expected to work a 12-hour shift and be assigned to one of four patrol cars. The good news is that if you have previous experience, you’ll have the opportunity to make more on their salary table which you can view here.

Out of all the factors that play a role in getting the job or not, the one you can prepare for right away is the physical agility exam. Here is what they measure and what the best result is:

  • Vertical jump (21.5+ inches to score “Excellent”)
  • Number of sit-ups in one minute (55+ reps to score “Excellent”)
  • Maximum push-ups (62+ reps to score “Excellent”)
  • 300-meter run (Under 48 seconds to score “Excellent”)
  • 5 mile run or walk (Under 9:57 to score “Excellent”)

If you think you have what it takes, you can pocket a cool $2,000!

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