This time of year is all about getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors... except lately, it feels like 1000 degrees outside. So, what do you do to beat the heat of a million suns? You venture to one of Idaho's greatest hidden treasures.

A relaxing spot that looks like it's right out of a movie

Located just over an hour away from Boise, Jump Creek Falls is an absolute hidden gem. It features a 60 feet tall waterfall and the secluded oasis looks like it's out of a movie or like you're in another country.

It's the perfect spot to take the kids but do keep in mind that it takes a little bit of work to get to. You'll take a short hike along a trail that leads you to the waterfall and trust us - that waterfall is going to feel amazing, especially in this heat.

Let's look at one of the best-hidden treasures that Idaho has to offer.

Hidden Oasis Is One Of Idaho's Best Hidden Treasures

It's a short hike to get to, but once you make it to Jump Creek Falls, you'll never want to leave.

If trails and hiking are your thing but want to try something different, check out one of the most haunted trails in Idaho. According to, it's "the creepiest hike in Idaho" and if you hear the screams that people report hearing in the forest, you'll likely agree.

Could You Handle Hiking One Of Idaho's Most Haunted Trails?

Let's take a look at one of the most haunted trails inside the Saint Joe National Forest in Idaho... are you brave enough to explore it?

Speaking of hiking, we have another hiking destination for you to get to but it's not exactly an oasis. Rather, it's the crash site of a WWII bomber that you'll need to hike your way to see and can be found at Loon Lake...

Idaho's WWII Bomber Crash Site You Have to Hike to Get to

Do you know of any other hidden gems in the Treasure Valley? Reach out to us here and let us know!

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