Almost everyone is watching the big game today. But tonight how will you fall asleep? You can listen to Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes! You'll hear Bridges talk over music & ambient noise. With his grandfather like voice he'll lull you right to sleep. Or terrify you!

Getty Images - Charley Gallay
Getty Images - Charley Gallay

There's fifteen different tracks on Jeff Bridges Sleep Tapes, that range from rain & thunder. To Jeff Bridges speaking in what some are calling a demonic voice from ever direction. Now I listened to all of it, but some of them creep me out. Even though in the introduction he's talking in a calming & soothing voice. Track two would definitely not put me to sleep.

The rest of the tracks are calming, but some just have too much going on. He chats to other people which I don't think would put me to sleep. I'd stop trying to sleep & listen to him. But I do think the last five tracks would put me to sleep. It's relaxing & he even takes you on a hike.

If you like it 100% of the proceeds got to No Kid Hungry. The prices range from $200 to "Pay What You Like". So you can honestly get Jeff Bridges Sleep Tapes for just making a donation of whatever you can on his site.

Listen for yourself & let me know what you think.

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