I set goals all the time. It keeps me motivated. And it makes me feel good when I accomplish my goal. Just recently crossed a personal finish line and it felt great!

Steve Frost Photos
Steve Frost Photos

Having a goal motivates me. Especially when it comes to health and fitness. I have no will power when it comes to my couch and a cupcake. When I have a goal, it's easier to resist that temptation because I know the feeling of success. In January I set a goal of hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. On July 25th, I accomplished that goal and it felt amazing! For 6 months I was focused on staying in shape and not skipping my workouts. I needed them to make me strong enough to carry my 42 lb pack for 7 days. And when I'm working out, it helps me eat healthier (I'm not perfect with that one).

I understand that hiking 74 miles in the back country is not an everyday goal. That was my big one for the year. I have tons of smaller goals too. One of those being I want to beat my FitOne time from last year. I always walk in the 5K blue wave. It's non competitive and perfect for me and my "non running" knee. But just because I'm walking the 3.1 mile course doesn't mean that I can't set a goal. It's a personal goal. It's not going to shatter any records or get any stage announcements but it will make me feel better and that's what being fit and healthy is all about....ME! So I hope you set a goal for FitOne. Let  me set your first one; make sure you're on my team, the Mix 106 12 Listeners sponsored by Foot and Ankle Medical Center! As your team captain, I'm here to help you so let me know if there's anything I can do to reach your goal.


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