Absolutely gorgeous weather right now, gotta love Spring in Idaho. It was 62 when I was mowing my lawn this weekend but it felt like it was 72. Summer days are coming soon, but even better... Summer nights!

This makes me want to push on a little harder with my weight loss journey, cause I'd love to run around with my shirt off in this. I've been pretty lucky, weather-wise in my life. I grew up in Vegas, which was pretty hot during the summer, but never really had to deal with any harsh weather. I spent a winter in Tampa, FL and it...was...perfect, THE ENTIRE TIME I was there. I've heard the summers are pretty brutal but I didn't experience that.

Before I came to Idaho, I spent two years in San Diego, CA where it was beautiful year round, and I loved it. Now in Idaho, I get to experience four amazing seasons and right now it's just perfect. I love it, but I also can't wait to experience rain and storms and snow again.

This week we get to enjoy beautiful clear skies and it's going to reach the low 80's. So, yeah, we're stuck inside a lot, but here's some incentive to get outside and get active!

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