I think I've seen others kind of similar, and they're very Mad Max-ish, and always unexpected when you're cruising down the road... Here are some other interesting cars you may have seen around town.

I guess I was surprised to see this car and also noticed that it was going at a normal pace. I think I expected it to be weaving in and out of lanes chaotically and speeding down Chinden but he was just cruisin' along.

This classic Volkswagen bus is pretty cool. I had one just like it as a kid... No seriously, my step-dad's mom found me one that wasn't working and had it towed to our house so that I could get in it at seven years old and pretend to drive and I loved every minute of it.

This is a 1937 Packard, a car that's quickly approaching it's one hundredth birthday. It's hard to believe cars were made like this at one point. Before they started thinking about fuel economy, price and compact-ness, cars were wild. This photo is courtesy of NR Restoration in Post Falls, ID.

How about this insane before and after of a Mazda Miata that was probably assumed dead on arrival, totaled, useless... Completely brought back to life!

Lastly, this isn't in Idaho but it's so Mad Max-y like the inspiration of this article so I thought I'd share it. IMAGINE being rear ended by this guy? First off, I think I'd be terrified for my life but if I could get past that, I would be highly concerned for the well being of my bumper. Fun fact: somewhere in this picture is a Cadillac.

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