Is This Idaho’s Strangest Car?
I think I've seen others kind of similar, and they're very Mad Max-ish, and always unexpected when you're cruising down the road... Here are some other interesting cars you may have seen around town.
What Was Your First Car?
I just saw one of my Facebook friends bought his daughter a BRAND NEW AUDI for her first car, and it made me reflect back to my 1990 Cadillac Coupe De'Ville, which I got in 2002 when I turned 16. What was your first car?
Dozens of Abandoned Cars Along Eagle Walkway
I went for a walk along Mace River Ranch in Eagle last week and all of a sudden I came upon at least a dozen old abandoned cars that looked like they had been burned out. Where did they come from and why are they still there?
Ford Announces Fusion Recall
Idaho Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ owners, you need to be aware of a recall that was launched today. It is possible that your steering wheel could fall off while driving.

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