Back in 2009 I was invited over to my sister in law's house for a Scentsy party. I was introduced to the concept of flameless candles; a fragrance system where a pluggable warmer, available in many designs, melts scented wax bars to release a pleasant and long lasting aroma in your living space. That's how it was explained to me. After sampling many scents and testing different warmers, I was sold. Over the next few years I would gift Scentsy warmers with scent bars to family and friends.

But once my sister in law stopped selling them, I lost my connect with the product and gave up trying to find someone else who sold them. Eventually I saw similar warmers popping up in department stores and even Target. Brands like Glade and Febreze jumped on the wax melt train, and so I began gifting warmers with wax that I'd find in every day stores. But now that I live in Idaho, home to Scentsy, Inc, it's clear that the company is still huge! Am I missing out?

I can shop direct from the website now, which years ago was not an option as far as I knew. You had to order through someone, which wasn't appealing to me. But for the more intricately designed warmers I'm looking at a price point of $50+. Is there something I don't know about these warmers that makes them worth that much? I've purchased off brand warmers that are beautiful and work well for under $20. I'd love some insight from Scentsy sellers and users before I shell out the dough for a new warmer.

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