We've been rebuilding Mix 106 over the last several months and now it's all coming together. We kick off a NEW morning show AND we're celebrating by giving away STACKS of Roaring Springs passes all this week!

Monday-Friday from 5-10 am, we have a NEW show starting this Monday, July 13th. I (Moug) will still be on the show and we have someone new who is absolutely crazy/insane/bizarre in the most hilarious way that we can't wait to introduce you to!

We'll also kick off the new show by giving away a TON of Roaring Springs passes over the next week, each day at 8:05, and giving you a chance to win a thousand dollars cash with our new game!

This also marks the return of Forgive & Forget, after a couple of weeks off, with a woman named Sunny who is questioning whether or not she wants to marry mike, because of his last name. It's going to be a crazy first show Monday, we hope you'll check us out on the radio or through the Mix 106 mobile app!

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