Mine was Wango Tango in Los Angeles with Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Halsey and a few others. I normally wouldn't venture to LA, but I live with the biggest Swiftie I know.

My fiance is a die hard Taylor Swift fan so we actually saw her in Los Angeles twice and we had planned to go to her Loverfest in Boston this year (I waited for four hours to buy tickets online, btw) but that obviously isn't happening.

Before that I saw Twenty-One Pilots and they put on an amazing show with pyrotechnics, the whole bit. I feel like I used to end up at a few concerts per year. I mostly enjoy concerts, though I hate being in the middle of a large crowd. Maybe I'm mildly claustrophobic? Maybe it's normal to hate being shoulder to shoulder? I don't know but that's the only part of live shows I don't like.

What was your last concert and what would be your dream next concert?

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