Alright, it's the year 2000 all over again and you have to choose: *NSYNC or BSB? Britney or Christina? Has your opinion on this matter changed over the years?

Alright, so I was a 13 year old dude in the summer of 2000 and while everyone was losing their minds over Britney Spears, I was in love with Christina Aguilera. I felt like most of my female friends preferred *Nsync over Backstreet Boys and day of the week, but I guess I could be wrong.

Looking back at that era, which honestly, 1998-2002 or so was a phenomenal time for pop music. Who were your favorites? Were they rogue? 98 Degrees? O-Town? Obviously Destiny's Child was a big part of that era in terms of girl groups. Eminem was fresh off of his Marshall Mathers LP so he was a big deal at that point in time.

Summer 2000, now TWENTY years ago. Do you still love those artists?

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