We enjoyed a nice weekend of chillin', some sight seeing and lots of food, because, why not?

Okay, so yes, it was kind of a bummer. After a year and a half of planning to get married on Saturday, April 25th, my fiance Stacy and I weren't able to pull it off because of Covid-19. In fact, it's kind of a bummer I'm still referring to her as my fiance and not my WIFE yet, but, in due time.

So we slept in Saturday, till nearly 11 am, had some breakfast, watched Bridesmaids, went on a beautiful (though very short) hike to Jump Creek Falls where we sat on a rock and wrote letters to each other that we won't be able to read until April 25th, 2040 cause they'll be waiting in our time capsule, went and picked up a pizza, came home and watched American Wedding, the very classy, third installment in the American Pie series of movies.

So while there wasn't all the fanfare we had originally planned for April 25th, I did get to enjoy my favorite person's company all weekend, and I couldn't ask for more. We'll get married on November 7th this fall, and we'll appreciate that day probably even more at this point!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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