Nature, obviously! I'm still new-ish here so forgive me for getting overly excited about the little things, but man, there is some beauty around here!

Though it can hardly be considered a hike, more of a short walk, in case you haven't been to Jump Creek Falls in minute, maybe it's time to head back out! We went yesterday and it was amazing. The weather was great, there were quite a few people out there but I feel like everyone was pretty respectful of the whole social distancing thing, and it was great just to experience the beauty of nature just a short distance from our house.

I'm all about waterfalls and I haven't been to Twin Falls yet, so I'm pretty excited to go check that out one of these weekends. In fact, there are so many hikes and different pieces of nature waiting to be seen here in Idaho, I feel like you could go every weekend all year and not see them all!

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