So I grew up in Vegas, which is where I started my radio career and worked for about 11 years. About two years ago, I got an opportunity to do a morning radio show in San Diego, and I thought "THIS IS AMAZING!" Well, I got there, and yes, the weather was amazing, the beach was great to have nearby, but it was also BY FAR, the most expensive place I'd ever lived.

Some great things happened there, though... My fiance moved from Vegas to be with me, we got engaged, it was pretty awesome! Anyway, on August 12th, 2019, I got called into the boss man's office after the show and was told "adios", and off I went! This is a somewhat common occurrence in radio so instead of bumming out about it, I went to work in finding a new job!

However, I'm not a single guy anymore so the decisions I make impact someone other than myself, so I was very careful to find the right place. And as someone who is at the point in my life where starting a family is now the priority, when the opportunity to come to Boise and Mix 106 came about, I was STOKED! This was great for both me AND my fiance! (She's a psychologist, super smart, I'm marry up for sure, but more on her later.)

Long story short, I flew out for an interview in mid December, waited on pins and needles till the first of the year to find out whether or not I got the job, and, spoiler alert, I did! And I get to work with the awesome Angie Morales, one of my greatest friends, which is a total dream come true!

Now, I'm on a new adventure, navigating life in a new city, and waiting patiently to get married and start a family.

Nice to meet ya!

-Moug (pronounced like "Vogue")

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