I've always heard that if you can't keep a plant alive, you aren't ready for kids. I never understood this. Plants can't tell you they are thirsty or being over watered. Plants can't whisper to you that they're craving sunlight or more soil. Plants just sit there looking pretty (we have that in common). Meanwhile, babies communicate with their cries and body language that they're hungry, dirty, sleepy. Over the last nine years I've kept two children alive and killed countless plants, so don't let anyone use that tired line against you.

But I have no kids to keep alive until at least September. Might as well try my hand at keeping some plants alive. I'm not ready for a full on garden, so I've started with easy peasy houseplants. I tend to forget to water the plants, often letting over a week go by before I remember. That's why I got some succulents. They don't need a ton of watering, just whenever the soil looks really dry. A week or so without won't kill them. So far so good!

Bamboo is also a great low maintenance plant. Put it in water and replace with clean water every once in a while. No need to worry too much on where you put it because it doesn't require much sunlight. I personally can't relate to that little sunlight part, but I like that for the plant.

My thumb isn't green just yet, but I'm slowly getting there. What houseplant should I add to the family? What steps should I take to graduate to having an actual garden?


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