Remember when Mike and Nicole talked about the amazing Ice Castle in's a huge beautiful Ice Palace with hotel rooms you that you can stay in...a bar..a restaurant etc. and they talked about how awesome it would be to visit. Well apparently you don't have to fly all the way to can take a short drive to see an Ice palace right here in Idaho.

HBO and Lapland Hotels have teamed up to create a Game of Thrones Hotel experience in Finland. The hotel features 30 rooms built out of Ice and snow. Each room contains an ice bed. The hotel has an ice chapel for weddings, an ice bar, and ice thrones. A one night stay costs about $420, not including your flight and transportation to Finland.

But according to, you can make an easier cheaper trip to an ice palace right here in Idaho. Head to Labelle Lake resort in Eastern Idaho, outside of Rigby, where they have designed their own Ice Palace

Lake Labelle Ice Place has been opened to the public on January 5th and will remain open as long as the ice, snow and cold remain in Eastern Idaho. For more information and to book a stay visit their web page here

Credit, Lake Labelle Facebook Page


Credit: Lake Labelle , Facebook page