American's love their liquor…it’s a big country with a big apatite when it comes to drinking. Some like beer or wine, or others like me prefer, liquor, because it’s quicker. I'm currently on a Moscow Mule kick right now, trying all different types of Mule drinks...but I'm also touring the Treasure Valley searching for the best Bloody Mary. (you, know, maybe I have problem) . Now you would think that Idaho's favorite drink would be the Moscow know because of Moscow Idaho, but you would be wrong kemo sabe'.  By the way, the Moscow Mule isn't named after Moscow Idaho.


You know the saying don’t you?  Beer before liquor, never sicker…liquor before beer in the clear…I’m not sure if that’s true or if it’s an just an old drunk wives’ tale.

I do know there is a plethora of different types of drinks in this country for both fancy folks who like Manhattans and those of us less fancy drinkers who like to slug down a shot of Tequila or whiskey.

Thanks for a study put together by Versus Reviews, we now know who likes what most in each state

Versus Reviews put the study together by looking at Google search data from every state over the past year and it led to some interesting revelations about our taste for different drinks in this country.

For starters, did you know Manhattans are more popular in Vermont than they are in Manhattan, New York? While New Yorker's prefer Moscow Mules. Yet people in Moscow Idaho prefer a whiskey sour…see this is getting kind of crazy isn’t it

Here, thanks to The Thrillist is the full breakdown of every state's most popular cocktail in convenient map form, so grab a cocktail and enjoy a little light reading.

Let's do a little survey of our own...what is your favorite liquor...share below or on our Facebook page

Mike Kasper, Mix 106