Remember late last year when we shared about how you could see unlimited movies here in the Treasure Valley or only $10 a month? Well if you didn't get in on that deal, you're in luck, because the deal just got even better! It's only for a limited time though, so you better hurry.

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If you're down for watching unlimited movies each month (up to one movie per day) the deal usually costs $9.95 a month. The only catch is the pass doesn't cover IMAX or 3D movies.

My wife got this for me for Christmas, and I'm here to tell you it works great. Once you get within 100 yards of a theater you check in, then take your Movie Pass card and pay for your movie. You can watch 31 movies a month in months with 31 days. This month (February) I can only see 28, except leap year, then it's get the idea.

But this amazing deal, just got even better! Right now you can get a MoviePass to use here in Idaho, or anywhere you go for only $7.95  YES $7.95 PER MONTH!  It's a no lose proposition if you only see one movie a month, this is cheaper than paying for it at the Theater. Movies on average here in the Treasure Valley cost about $11

And it gets better. You would think it's available in only a few select Treasure Valley theaters, but it's available in all the most popular theaters. Majestic Theaters, The Village Theaters, all the Edwards theaters in Boise and Nampa, plus the Flicks. All the major movies at all the biggest most popular theaters in the Treasure Valley...what's not to love?

It is a limited time offer, so if this sounds like something you'd like to try or give as a gift, you might want to hurry before the offer ends.

My wife got this for our kids and myself for a Christmas gift and I love it. It's already paid for itself in January and February, because I've seen five movies this year so far. That's $30 savings each month! CHA-CHING

If your interested in signing up or getting more info, click on the link below:

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