If you know me, you know how much I love shopping at Target. It’s safe to say, I’m at “my Target”, also known as the Eagle Target, at least four days week. Speaking of, it’s been a few days since I’ve been in, I should probably let them know that I’m alive and well before they worry.

The Boise Police Department recently honored two Target employees (at “my Target”) for helping a customer who was being scammed.

A man went into the store planning to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards.

When he told the manager working the counter that he needed $2,000 in gift cards on five different cards, she thought that smelled fishy. She asked him if anyone approached him or called him on the phone, saying something about his family?

Sure enough, she was right. It was a scam that they had seen in the store before.

Scammers will try to put fear in the victims and sometimes it works. If it hadn’t been for the employee/manager recognizing the red flags, this guy could have been out $30,000!

Read the full story from KTVB and more on this common scam, HERE.

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