Lauren Spencer-Smith stopped by to hang out behind the scenes of Boise Music Festival with Cort And Ryan before her set.

Lauren was super sweet! During her soundcheck, she was signing autographs for all of her screaming fans and signing everything they handed to her. She was literally down on all fours crawling across the catwalk of the stage making sure to get to everyone. It was really sweet to see her going so far out of her way to interact with all of her fans. There were tons of them, by the way.

Cort and Ryan decided to play a game of 'Feud Fight' with Lauren while they were spending time together. Feud Fight is a fun game played every morning on LIVE With Cort And Ryan on Mix 106 every morning. It's like Family Feud, except with Google Searches. The contestants, in this case Lauren and Ryan, are given a phrase typed into Google by Cort and they have to guess the most common words that come after that phrase.

Lauren was an absolute champ and so much fun to play with. Check out the video below!

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