You might not love companies and corporate America. That's okay and it's understandable why people have gotten so frustrated with things like Thanksgiving being cut short to go shopping. It's nothing new.

All of that negativity you might feel it seems like those businesses are the ones hiring. We've major upgrades to Walmart, salary increases, and bonuses during COVID-19. Amazon has done the same and has just made another big announcement.

Amazon just announced Career Day which is coming September 16 and will be hiring 33,000 new employees, These new opportunities are available to everyone reading this article who are currently looking for a new path. This isn't your typical job fair. You won't just be submitting applications and closing out the app. Amazon is staffing Career Day with 1,000 recruiters to host 20,000 career coaching sessions.

This might be the article that speaks to you due to all the closing in our own Treasure Valley. We just saw CenturyLink announce they plan to leave their popular Downtown Boise location. This is a reflection of how COVID-19 is impacting local businesses. We currently have so many empty spaces in our own offices because so many working from homes. That hurts because all those people working from home will not be eating lunches at Downtown restaurants. Everyone takes a punch.

Let's take a look at what Amazon is hiring for.

Positions Available

  • Alexa support
  • AWS
  • Operations technology
  • Prime Video

Plus, Amazon says they'll be hiring over thousands more in additional hourly positions that place you in Amazon's Operations network.

The part that caught my attention was the hourly and salary options which should at least have you inquire. All opportunities come with leading pay and competitive benefits.

  • Minimum of $15/hour
  • Competitive benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Up to 20-week parental leave
  • Company-funded upskilling opportunities
  • 401k matching
  • $700 million commitment to upskill 100,000 employees for higher-way, in-demand jobs.

Amazon promises to pay $150,000 salaries to employees that fill corporate and tech roles. That's an average yearly salary. You add stock-based compensation, benefits and I'll take it!

This comes from Amazon,

With many people left unemployed by the economic impact of COVID-19 and searching for new jobs, Career Day is designed to support all job seekers, regardless of their level of experience, professional field, or background - or whether they are looking for a job at Amazon or another company.

This might be a sign you've been looking for and Amazon's official details below.


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