It's easy to confuse all of the different Amazon opportunities that keep making the news. There is no doubt that Amazon is expanding and extremely fast.

The more new facilities that the popular services business opens, the increase in $15 dollar per hour jobs will be available. The Idaho state minimum wage is currently at $7.25. You do the math. Amazon is helping Idahoans make a living as the market continues to thrive.

Amazon plans to open its delivery service in 2022 with hundreds of jobs pertaining to workers and delivery drivers. You can find part-time and full-time opportunities at the new Amazon location. KTVB has more information that goes in-depth on Amazon's growth in Idaho.

We welcome Amazon to the City of Meridian. Their investment in this facility is a commitment by the company to their local customers, and with job opportunities, it's also a commitment to the future prosperity of our city, surrounding communities, and the state of Idaho. We appreciate them for choosing Meridian to meet the needs of our residents.

Meridian Mayor Robert Simison had that to say regarding the news and went on to say it would bring safer and more efficient transportation needs to the area. KTVB went on to report that Amazon has created over 3,500 jobs with an investment of $106 million dollars. You think about all the jobs lost during the pandemic and Amazon is creating businesses to build upon the employment. There is no doubt that Amazon is a giant. You can't become that big without staffing that beast and paying them well. Idahoans are feeling the love.

You can apply below for several different types of positions. Just remember, don't wait. These things come and go quickly.

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