According to Reddit, there are 17 sounds that people find the most satisfying in the universe. The list includes the pop of a bottle, a golf ball going in the hole, a crackling fire, and even the 'ding' of an airplane when you've reached the gate. Not on the list is the music of the ice cream truck rolling through your neighborhood. But that's one of the most satisfying sounds ever because it's usually followed by you scoring a tasty treat. Growing up my go-to was the Creamsicle. But Idaho goes crazy for the ice cream bar with one of the most memorable ad jingles of the 90's.

Kanye West even incorporated this nostalgic snack in his song, "Stronger." While he would do anything for a certain type of blonde, he "heard they'd do anything for a Klondike." Was he talking about Idahoans? That's right, Klondike Bars are Idaho's favorite ice cream truck goodie. So to answer the decades old question "what would you do-ooo-ooo for a Klondike Bar?" Idaho would flag down the ice cream truck and shell out the $1.50 for it.

If your neighborhood isn't getting a daily drive-by from the ice cream truck, you can always check out Cold Sweet Iced Treat of Emmett who posts their routes on their Facebook page so you are guaranteed to get some face time with the keep of cold confections. And might I suggest trying the Helados Mexico Paletas. For summer they are perfectly refreshing ice cream bars of strawberry, coconut, or mango.


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