It's right after a dust storm took over Boise knocking out power, taking down trees, and shutting down streets that our Bandit was in jeopardy.

The Mix 106 Bandit is a game that came back with a very Karen twist. There were $5000 dollars hidden and the real worry was this dust storm. Well, Sheri and Josh found it before it blew away. The Bandit is over.

Who Won the $5000 Mix 106 Bandit?

Let's congratulate Sheri and Josh for winning this year's Karen version of the Bandit. The game started almost a month ago with clues being given out three times a day. You could also stop by First Federal Bank twice a week for additional clues. All the hints were listed online for anyone to double-check their work (only catch it was a day later each time).

Josh was the real player in the contest which is just shocking. These aren't the kind of contests that men will have the patience to play day in and day out (coming from a guy.) That didn't stop Josh who made it a mission with some help from fellow Bandit players. Sheri and Josh found the special dog tag with Karen's name on it under the dinosaur at Lowder Park in Boise. Game over.

Courtesy: Kekeluv
Courtesy: Kekeluv

The Game that Took Their Mind off Tragedy

I asked Sheri and Josh was this $5000 would mean to the family and got an answer that wasn't expected, "It means a lot. We just lost our son on Mother's Day just means a lot." Sheri went on, "I didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. It really took our minds off something we just don't want to think about right now."

Everyone is very happy for this amazing family including Mix listeners. It was fun taking all the phone calls and meeting so many people. It's a moment that we've been missing for the last year and maybe our crazy Karen helped get our minds off the mess for a few weeks. This entire contest began with Moug and Angie Mornings finishing while they were giving out clues at First Federal Bank.

Thanks to everyone that played the Bandit, but it's over (for now.)

A very big thanks to our friends at First Federal Bank. That entire team went above and beyond for our listeners including getting a million questions about the Bandit. First Federal Bank is first in our books and we couldn't have put this together without them.

Courtesy: Kekeluv
Courtesy: Kekeluv

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