My name is Karen from Meridian.  Nine months ago, I rightfully won a prize from Moug & Angie.  They claimed that because I tied, I lost.  After calling all of the Mix 106 DJs and management multiple times, getting nowhere, I had no other choice.  For the betterment of the Mix 106 listeners, I decided to take things into my own hands.

I recently stopped by the studios of Mix 106 to try to speak with management in person.  When it became clear that management would not listen to me, I got past the receptionist and pretended that I was supposed to be in the building.  After sneaking into the person's office in charge, I found out that Mix 106 was planning to do a cash contest with First Federal Bank.  Not only was this information easy to find, so was the money.  Do not worry; the cash is safe and sound and in my possession.

You need to know some things about me.  I've lived in the Treasure Valley for a long time.  I've been listening to Mix 106 for as long as I can remember.  It has always been my favorite station.  They used to have a good morning show, and they used to do good contests.

Good news, Boise.  I'm in charge now!  I can play any song I want, and I can talk anytime I want.  I am going to show Mix 106 how to do a contest the right way.  The way it used to be.  The way Mike and Kate would have done it.

I'm now the Mix 106 Bandit, and starting Tuesday morning at 8, I'm going to tell you how you can win $5,000 cash.  If you have lived in Boise for a long time like me, you already know how this works.  If you just moved here from California, you'd better pay attention.  Do not be late, because I'm always on time.

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