Our failure to stop at stop signs has made drivers in Idaho the 3rd rudest drivers in the US, though this is an improvement since last year... It's the states we are ahead of that makes this real embarrassing.

Here's the good news... Even though we have the third rudest drivers in the nation, only 39.97 out of every 1,000 drivers is actually rude, this according to a 2021 study by Insurify.

According to the study:

Idaho is the state with the third-rudest drivers in the nation. Gem State drivers are cited for exhibiting less-than-kind behavior at a rate that’s 36 percent higher than the national average. Like many of the other states in the top ten, Idaho’s most prevalent rude citation is failure to stop at a stop sign. While Idaho has improved somewhat since last year(the state had the second-highest rate of rude drivers in the nation in 2020), it’s clear that there’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to safe driving in this state.

Only Delaware and Virginia made it higher on the list (second and first, respectively). Georgia, Wyoming, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Alaska round out the top ten states for rudest drivers.

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When was the last time you ran a stop sign? Did you truly not stop, or did you just roll through when no one was coming? Have you stopped at a stop sign and went without following the rules of a four way stop, taking someone else's turn? These could all be contributing factors, but like the article said, we're doing better than we were last year (2nd) and we made improvement during one of the most stressful years ever so that sounds like a victory to me!

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