Are All Stop Signs Created Equal?

Rules of the Road 101: you stop for stop signs; end of discussion. That's what a lot of us were taught on the first day of driver's education, and we never questioned it. Really, why would we? Code 49-720 of the Idaho State Legislature echoes the knowledge our driving school instructors imparted upon us.

A person operating a bicycle, human-powered vehicle, or an electric-assisted bicycle approaching a stop sign shall slow down and, if required for safety, stop before entering the intersection.

There's no denying Code 49-720 as it's written makes sense. Stop signs like all traffic signs on public roads exist for our protection. But what about stop signs on private or commercial land in Boise? Do they possess the same authority?

Stopping Suggestions

According to Ticket Snipers, a California-based agency that specializes in legal avenues for contesting traffic tickets, a private stop sign isn't backed by Uncle Sam. If anything, it's more like a suggestion.

Privately held lots, on the other hand, (which make up the majority of commercial retail complexes), are not bound by the regulations of the road, so a traffic ticket would not be issued if you ran a stop sign in a private parking structure. -Ticket Snipers

The rules of the road apply only to publicly maintained roads as well as local and state parking garages and lots.

Is Reckless Driving on Private Land Consequence-Free?

Absolutely not. If, for example, a driver were responsible for a car accident on a privately owned lot, Ticket Snipers reiterate the responsible party would still be "held civilly accountable" and "criminally guilty if the accident [resulted] in injuries."

Likewise, Idaho's Driving Under the Influence protocols and penalties would apply. Traffic signs on private land and parking lots are posted near entrances and exits to assist drivers merging back onto public roadways.

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