Yeah, we may have gotten 9 inches (of snow), had some road closures, accidents and such, but the Treasure Valley is currently a tropical paradise compared to much of the United States.

It's pretty wild, really... I always think of Texas as the hot desert, never snowy part of the United States, and I think it usually is, but man are they getting hit. My mom lives in Bryan, Texas (where Texas A&M is) and apparently it got down to about seven degrees this morning. Many parts of the state have gotten down to negative temps, have lost power and have really been hit hard by this polar vortex that has swung through.

Arkansas and other surrounding states have dabbled in negative temps and chaotic weather as well and I think these are areas of the country that don't necessarily have the infrastructure to handle snow in general, no less insane polar vortex type weather.

So yeah, we had a snowy weekend but it's pretty warm here (relatively) and we're not dealing with these types of closures and outages and craziness so I'll count my blessings. For us here in the Treasure Valley, it's like a happy snow. It's a go outside and tube down the hill next to the free snow. It's a "let's hit up Eagle Island State Park and do some real tubing" kind of snow. did this over the weekend, by the way and I had a total blast and I can't wait to do it again. Read more about that here, and enjoy our mild winter weather!

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