This is news you may or not need to know but is great information. The coronavirus has taken so many jobs from Idahoans and not we're seeing which jobs are beginning to vanish.

Smartasset is the business I'm getting the information from and will link the site below. So many people don't pay attention to what's going to be there in the future which can be a problem when it's actually time for you to go out to get your dream job.

Do your own research but remember that times like these are when people start second jobs. I remember during 2008 we saw a ton of people going to school for hair, nails, and things you could do from a smaller space. I've learned that no matter how broke you might be people are still going to get hair cuts, walk into salons, and do things similar while still having a main job.

Idaho a majority of losses in the office and administrative support occupations industries. Idaho jobs like weighers, measurers, checkers, and samplers for recordkeeping also took hits.

I was in the United States Navy and you would be surprised how many people join in the fields they would never do. That's like going to college for Dental Hygiene, graduating from school, and applying for an engineer occupation.

I'll post the link below and good luck!


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