We know a lot of people are relocating to the Treasure Valley, we see it in the cost of housing. Did you know we're the 2nd fastest in the U.S? Would you believe who's first?

According to this new report from ApartmentGuide.com, Idaho is the second fastest growing state in the entire United States right now (population size, of course. It would be weird if the land was growing... Though there is that guy that's tryin to expand Idaho's borders West quite a bit, but I digress). Idaho is number one just behind our neighbor to the South East, Utah. For the case being made about the state of Idaho growing so quickly, the report puts it like this:

Those who don't mind distinct seasons as much will love the affordable living and spread-out design of the state. Flocks of people are finding Idaho attractive though, as the state saw a population increase of 17.3 percent in 2020.

This report also lists the best places in the state of Idaho to move to, and would you believe it, four out of the five cities it suggests are right here in the Treasure Valley:

So yeah, it makes sense that we see a lot of moving vans, that our freeways are a bit busier and that the cost of housing; to purchase OR to rent has gone up so drastically. Everyone is trying to make their way here to live with us. Well, everyone who isn't trying to move to Utah, that is.

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