Let's face it - Idaho and the Treasure Valley will never stop growing. Once you visit Boise, there is no going back. You immediately fall in love with the area and all of a sudden you find yourself wanting to move here... but how do you fit in?

"Fitting in" in Boise

Look, there's no way around it - if you're new to Boise and the Treasure Valley, you're going to get asked about where you're from... a lot. The thing is, you probably won't get an honest response from the person asking. They might give you a subtle eye roll or even an "Oh."

But overall, the Treasure Valley is home to good and nice people and that is exactly why they hold back. We can't say "everyone" (bad people do exist) but most of us don't wake up and start the day with the goal of picking a fight or making someone feel unwelcome.

Do we all have our inner voice and inner feelings about the situation? Sure we do and that is why we asked people to share what they think will give away that you're not from Idaho. This isn't to necessarily "trick" people into thinking you're from here; rather, this is about giving those who would normally get upset, a break. Let's call it a form of courtesy by giving you the inside info of how you might be letting people know you're not from here... and annoying them in the process.

Trust us, this is helpful info!

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