Hasbro announced last week they were going to make Mr. Potato Head gender neutral, and now they've reversed their decision, but not without bringing Idaho into the drama...

You may have heard the story about Mr. Potato Head losing the "Mister" part of his name in an attempt to make him gender neutral, though there is Mrs. Potato Head as well but with a goal of inclusivity, that decision was made. Immediately there was a ton of outrage and not long after the announcement, Hasbro announced that they had reversed that decision and that Mr. Potato Head would remain as is.

This has brought a lot of attention to Hasbro and the Mr. Potato Head brand. Truly, I can't recall the last time I thought of Mr. Potato Head and I certainly can't remember the last time I heard anybody talking about Mr. Potato Head, so this, publicity stunt or not, well intended or not, has brought a lot of attention to Mr. Potato Head.

A side effect of Mr. Potato Head getting some big time attention, the state that is synonymous with potatoes was bound to get a bit of attention as well. Twitter is always first to the starting line with Tweets and jokes and anything related to pop culture happenings.

A tweet with way too many retweets for the content was: "He/She/They . . . call me what you want.  Just don't make me go back to Idaho."

"Mr. Potato Head once ran for mayor of Boise... He just couldn't get a head"

Why is that the go-to joke about Idaho? Leaving Idaho, "don't make me go back" and the like? I don't entirely understand it but it seems to be the low hanging fruit people go to when they'd like to make a crack on Idaho. Here's a couple late night hosts poking fun at Idaho last month.

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