Is dairy more integral to Wisconsin than potatoes are to Idaho? That's what a class-action lawsuit against bagel bites for being "low quality" claims. Were they expecting gourmet?

Obviously, potatoes are a big industry in Idaho, and people certainly expect the best. In fact, out-of-towners often ask about the potato situation here and I always just stare blankly at them. I will say though, I've lived in a lot of different states and the absolute best potatoes have been found here in Idaho. Now, I don't know much about the culture of Wisconsin but is dairy a bigger deal there than potatoes are here? That's what this Bagel Bites lawsuit suggests.

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A woman in Wisconsin is suing Bagel Bites for being "low quality." Not sure what she was expecting, but she's so upset about it that she's filed a class-action lawsuit that states that they don't use real tomato sauce or mozzarella cheese. She believes that since the box says "real dairy" it's misleading. As a proud Winsconsite (not sure if that's right), Kaitlyn Huber says that "dairy is more integral to Wisconsin than potatoes are to Idaho and oranges to Florida."

*What does Idaho have to do with this disaster?*

There hasn't been a specific dollar amount named in the objectively ridiculous lawsuit, that's something the courts would have to decide. Bagel Bites are owned and Kraft-Heinz, and as of yet, they have not commented on the lawsuit. They probably think it's just as ridiculous. Anyway, I'm going to go eat my Totino's Pizza Rolls tonight with some Idahoan mashed potatoes on the side and have a laugh at this woman while I add another inch to my waist.

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