Idaho Stuck With Mountains of Potatoes with Nowhere to Go
It's a problem I never thought about during the pandemic, but Idaho is stuck with mountains of potatoes that couldn't be produced into French Fries as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down restaurants. Now the question is "what to do with them" so they don't go to waste.
Idaho Farm Giving Away Potatoes
A lot of businesses are struggling due to effects of the Coronavirus, and the potato industry is no different. Instead of throwing away their crops, one Idaho farm is giving them away.
Idaho Ranks Low for Fast Food Appreciation
Do you hit the drive-thru on the way home?  Sometimes it's necessary between soccer practice and gymnastics class, or between classes at Boise State.  But overall, Idaho ranks pretty low on the list of states that love fast food.
Still, Idaho is probably THE most important state for th…