I would argue with a friend about loud neighbors as should would complain. She was that one next door complainer to walk in the front office and put you on notice. Really? I would always say it's not that big of a deal. Relax.

I'm pretty sure my wife would make that complaint too but only because we have kids now. It's still not that serious is it? Well, I guess the rest of the country thinks Idaho is loud as hell!

People are staying at home more today due to COVID-19 and that means extra yelling bodies in the household. There is nothing worse that pounding on your apartment ceiling. That's the worse. Looks like Idaho sets the standard.

A company called Waycroft did a survey looking for the loudest neighbors and here's how Idaho owned the country.

Courtesy: Waycroft
Courtesy: Waycroft

Idaho ranks #1 with 15.6% which is almost 3% ahead of New York which comes in #2. Really? Idaho ranks ahead of New York? Even Alaska comes in #6 and I lived there. The sun doesn't go down in Summer and that makes sense. Nobody sleeps in the Summer because everyone snuggles in Winter. I get it, but Idaho? Too loud?

I guess our children are too loud running, jumping all over the place and screaming. This also includes annoying toys from pets making noises. Somehow DIY home improvements was also on the list of why we're so loud. Wait, can we just blame the Boise Boys for that?

I guess we also make a ton of noise at night and it's those Millennials! Read more below.

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