Well, that's news! I've heard some talk about new gaming systems but the crazy news has just overshadowed any real buzz. I think that's changing.

Xbox and the Sony Playstation are both coming out with new systems just in time for Christmas 2020. Toss in a $1400 Microsoft phone and the iPhone to really break the bank account.

What a terrible time to launch some of the most expensive items right? I guess you can't really plan these things but maybe the price changes as we look forward. The new Xbox Series X is supposed to drop in November along with the new Xbox. Let's just say everything is coming out November because it's the holidays. The real question is how much and can you even get one.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 6.33.46 PM

Sony Playstation 5 - This is a complete overhaul with a modern look and you can even ask to pre-order. I mean, you can beg. The pre-order has begun but you'll need to follow the links to see if you get invited. The prices could be around $500 and up with two different editions.

Xbox Series X - The same on prices for both units as we hear about $500 prices and I'd expect those to be accurate. Both of these units could lose prices on the actual consoles and make up that money with games.

Do your research because both will compete on cheaper versions with digital editions. The Xbox is bragging about the 100's of game loaded on the system saying it will be the most powerful ever. Regardless, it will be a battle this Christmas. Start saving now because the new phones are over $1000 and the list goes on. This will be a spendy year if you're into dropping the money. I'm so glad my son is only 5 years old because this would get expensive and I'm pretty sure getting one is going to be a sold-out process. I'll keep you posted.


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